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Virtual Pathways to Legislative Impact

JNCL-NCLIS invites you to share your excitement for language advocacy by using the following hashtags. Keep an eye out for more social media tools! 

#LAD21 #SupportLanguages

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All times are listed in Eastern Standard Time.

Session topics and times are subject to change.



Virtual Congressional Meetings

Virtual doesn't mean impersonal! In fact, high-level officials are now able to attend more meetings than ever before.

Networking Breakout Sessions

Were you looking forward to connecting with language leaders from all sectors of the Language Enterprise? You'll have plenty of opportunites to do so during virtual breakout sessions.

Mentorship Program

New to LAD? Nervous about meeting your Congressional members? We will pair your with an experienced leader to show you the ropes.

Group Planning Session

You'll get to know everyone in your Congressional meeting group and plan out talking points in your own vitual breakout room.

Inspiring Keynotes & Panelists

Learn tips for an effective meeting from senior legislative staffers,  and hear from star advocates about ways to bring what you learned back to your community, just to name a few.

Delegate Assembly

See what JNCL-NCLIS has accomplished over the past year and vote on important organization agenda items.

Language Policy Session

Pre-conference webinars AND live legislative priorities overview session means you'll be extra prepared

Virtual Awards Reception

Join us as we celebrate excellence in language advocacy with the virtual presentation of our annual awards.

No uncomfortable dress shoes required!

Virtual Event Bag

View even more content without having to worry about packing all of that event swag into your suitcase. 

New to Language Advocacy Day? 




Organized by the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL), Language Advocacy Day (or LAD for short) is part "lobby-day" and part full-day policy forum that brings together national representatives of the Language Enterprise concerned about the state of language learning in this country.

JNCL sets you up for success: we schedule meetings on Capitol Hill with your representatives, prepare briefing materials for you and Congressional staffers to discuss, and provide the coaching and insight to help you navigate the halls of power. LAD also connects you with language leaders in the fields of education and business for roundtable policy discussions on issues affecting the field today. 



JNCL encourages all concerned citizens interested in promoting a multilingual workforce and society to participate in the democratic process. Each year, language teachers, administrators, business owners and freelancers join to advocate toward our shared mission. Our goal is FULL REPRESENTATION from all states 50 states to paint a complete picture of the importance of language education in the 21st century.



Our representatives need to know, as one attendee put it, "multilingualism isn't the future; it's right now." As a member of the Language Enterprise, you already know how critical languages are for job growth in 21st century economy, national security, and social justice. We need you because if we don't tell our story, who will? Advocates keep coming back each year to make a difference and deepen the relationships with policymakers.