DAYS 2022


FEBRUARY 2-4, 2022



Juliana Urtubey, NBCT

2021 National Teacher of the Year





We, as a nation, can no longer consider issues in diplomacy, business, healthcare, and education without multilingualism as a key component

Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Katy Trapp, 
Director, Center for Healthcare at Sentara Healthcare

Scientist with Microscope
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Dr. Beerilli Sheshi, 

Retired Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine


Social Justice

Dr. Aradhana Mudambi

Director of Multilingual Education, Framingham Public Schools

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Dr. Jessica Chandras
Professor of Linguistic Anthropology,
Wake Forest University



Sophia Kianni
Founder & Executive Director, Climate Cardinals



Each year, JNCL-NCLIS delegates and dedicated language advocates across the county unite to meet with Members of Congress and promote the importance of language education and international studies.

February 2nd, 2022

3:00 PM ET | Welcome Address: Language at the Intersection 3:30 PM ET | Advocacy Insights from Multilingual Capitol Hill 4:15 PM ET | BREAK 4:30 PM ET | JNCL-NCLIS 2022 Legislative Asks 5:00 PM ET | The Virtual Advocacy Experience: NEW INTERACTIVE PLATFORM! 5:15 PM ET | State Team Planning Session 5:45 PM ET | BREAK 6:00 PM ET | Featured Speaker 6:15 PM ET | Networking Reception

February 3rd, 2022

STARTING YOUR DAY, ON DEMAND | Welcome Address: Good Morning, Capitol Hill! Adovocacy Sun Salutations TIMES VARY | Congressional Meetings (Check Personal Schedule) 6:30 PM ET | Awards Ceremony 7:00 PM ET | Reception & Special Event

February 4th, 2022

2:15 PM ET | Assembly of Delegates, JNCL Official Delegates - Liaisons for Success (By Invitation, Open To All) 3:00 PM ET | Meeting Our Goals: State Delegation Highlights 3:30 PM ET | Featured Speaker 3:45 PM ET | Language at the Intersection Breakout Sessions 4:45 PM ET | BREAK 5:00 PM ET | The Advocacy Squares: Advocating Beyond LAD 5:30 PM ET | JNCL-NCLIS LAD 2022 Closing Event

Image by Matthew Bornhorst
Image by Matthew Bornhorst


How do I access my Congressional meetings?

Each attendee has a personalized meeting link from Advocacy Associates. Please check your inbox one week before the event for your personalized schedule.

My state team is very large. Will everyone have time to talk?

Each state team has a designated leader who will facilitate the meeting. It is important to attend your state meeting planning session to inform your state team leader of anything you would like shared during the congressional meetings. In your district meetings, the consitituent will always be given priority to speak. You will learn more about this during our Virtual Advoacy Experince on Wednesday, February 2nd.

Can I take pictures, recordings, or screenshots during my congressional meetings?

Recording congressional meetings is strictly prohibited. Please ask for consent from all individuals before taking pictures or screenshots. Remember to post your pictures on social media with #LAD22!

Something about my congressional schedule is incorrect. How do I fix this?

Any questions you have regarding your congressional meetings can be directed to Advocacy Associates.

Can I ask questions during the Zoom events?

You are encouraged to use the Zoom chat feautre during all event sessions. If you need to contact a JNCL-NCLIS staff memeber, please send a private Zoom chat message to the "JNCL Event Staff" participant.

Whom can I contact if my question wasn't answered here?

Please email your event questions to All congressional scheduling questions should be directed to Advocacy Associates.

Will my camera and audio be enabled?

When you join the Zoom event link your microphone and camera will be automatically disabled. You will have access to your camera and microphone during breakout and networking sessions. During your congressional meetings you and your state team leader will have access to your microphone and camera settings. Please dress professionally and remember to use the JNCL-NCLIS Language Advocacy Days 2022 virtual background.

What should I do to prepare for each day of the event?

Each day you will recieve a "welcome" and "recap" email. Please check your email regularly to avoid missing important information from JNCL-NCLIS and Advocacy Associates. Be sure to review the digital event flipbook for program details. Be sure to register for the Pre-Event Webinar to learn more about what you can do to prepare.

Will my computer be able to handle a virtual event?

Most up to date computers and mobile devices are capable of running a virtual event. Here are some tips to ensure your computer is prepared:

  • Make sure your computer's storage/memory isn't full
  • Close all other unnecessary tabs
  • Charge your computer fully or keep it connected to charge during the event
  • Make sure Zoom is updated the day before
  • Test your audio, video, and wifi connection the day before

Who should attendee this event?

All individuals who are passionate about langauge advocay and are dedicated to ensuring all learners have the opportunties to learn English and at least one other language. Language educators, teachers, translators, reserachers, administrators, anyone who wants to tell their story and use their voice to support language education policy and celebrate mulitlingualsm as an asset!