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Nebraska Becomes the 38th State to Offer Seal of Biliteracy to Graduates

LINCOLN, Neb. — On Monday, the Cornhusker State joined the ranks of 37 others that offer an official Seal of Biliteracy program to high school students. The Seal of Biliteracy is an acknowledgement, usually in the form of seal upon a graduate's diploma, that the high school recipient has achieved a high level of proficiency in English and at least one additional language other than English.

"The Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy is a unique collaborative project of the Nebraska International Language Association and the Nebraska Department of Education," Stephanie Call, Education Specialist for World Languages at the Nebraska Department of Education wrote via email.

"Working together, we have created a Seal that is representative of the national Seal of Biliteracy organization yet responsive to Nebraska needs," she continued. "I look forward to recognizing the diversity of languages spoken and learned in our state."

Applicants and other interested parties can view the Nebraska Seal of Biliteracy Awards Process, outline of the state's Proficiency Levels, as well as the Assessment Requirements for the award on their website.

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