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ALC Bridge™ – Careers in Language Announces October 10, 2019 Webinar


FOREST HILL, MD – ALC Bridge™ announces a 30-minute webinar on October 10, 2019 at 11AM (PT)/2PM (ET) to introduce available career opportunities and internships to language students.

Employers, educators and career seekers are invited to participate in this dynamic webinar featuring key language service companies and global industry leaders.

For more information, visit

The language industry is one of the world’s most diverse, dynamic and high growth sectors, employing millions worldwide. The webinar will address future career opportunities that combine language skills with domain knowledge such as high tech, healthcare, law and justice, software engineering, international trade, advertising, diplomacy, agriculture, journalism, finance, and more.

The industry will reach US$70 billion by 2023 and strong growth is expected for decades to come. Jobs for translators and interpreters are expected to grow much faster than the average, and there are additional career paths in language services that are in high demand.


Jessica Bratton, Webinar Coordinator

(443)966-3854, ext. 1107

About the Association of Language Companies and ALC Bridge™ - The Association of Language Companies (ALC) is a trade association representing language service companies (LSCs) in the United States and internationally. With ALC’s academic outreach initiative, ALC BridgeTM, the Association is building the framework for bringing together LSCs and the academic institutions in order to prepare language students for jobs in the language industry. For more information, visit

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