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Take Action Now | Tell Congress: Include Associations in the Paycheck Protection Program

As Congress prepares to vote on the next phase of federal aid relief, take action and urge your representatives to provide sufficient aid provisions to companies and non-profits in need of critical support, and include funding for unemployment.

With the current state of the economy, and the growing freezes in state and local spending, the non-profit associations in the Language Enterprise have continued to provide high-quality, free distance learning and professional development. Our language companies continue to support COVID-19 health care through the provision of critical interpreting and translation services, even though many have seen catastrophic reductions in income.

Your stories will shape policy. Now more than ever, we need to show Congress that small businesses and non-profits deserve proper emergency aid support. JNCL-NCLIS supports ASAE's advocacy efforts and encourages members to share their stories through the advocacy alert linked below.


A message from ASAE

Ask Congress to Include Associations in the Paycheck Protection Program

The House and Senate are currently negotiating additional funding in response to COVID-19. While associations are included in some of the recently passed CARES Act’s programs, ASAE is very concerned that trade and professional associations experiencing severe revenue losses during the current pandemic were excluded from the popular and beneficial Paycheck Protection Program.

We also need your help to share stories about how your association has been impacted by COVID-19. We know associations are facing dire economic consequences due to event cancellations, sharp membership declines and major revenue loss while also doing incredible work now to assist communities in fighting COVID-19. From training emergency responders to organizing blood donations to providing critical support to medical professionals, we know associations are moving America forward. We need Congress to know as well.

Please edit the text to list the name of your association in the first line. Add in any other details about your association and the communities you serve - this will personalize the message and increase its impact.

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