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Fixing AB 5: Amending AB 1850 is Critical for Protecting Translators and Interpreters


Contact your CA Assembly Representative today and ask that they amend AB 1850, Worker Classification: Employees and Independent Contractors, to include exemption for all "professional translators and interpreters"

Proposed AB 1850 has the potential to remedy the devastating effects of AB 5 on professional interpreters and translators. The bill includes a provision for “professional services”, including “certified translators.” However, the specific exemption of “certified translators” excludes thousands of professional translators and all interpreters. This exclusion not only negatively affects those who provide highly skilled professional language services, but also endangers millions of Californians who rely on their work.

For AB 1850 to effectively clarify AB 5, an amendment must be made to change the language of exemption to include “professional translators and interpreters.”

JNCL-NCLIS supports the stances and advocacy efforts of ATA and CoPTIC on AB 1850, and urges California advocates to take immediate action.

The assembly bill is set to be heard by the full assembly as early as June 8th, 2020.

JNCL-NCLIS Action Alerts are generously hosted by ACTFL's Legislative Action Center

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