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Special Announcement: JNCL-NCLIS In-Person & Virtual Advocacy Events in 2025

Dear JNCL-NCLIS Language Advocates,

Happy Spring! I am writing to you today on behalf of the Board of Directors with an important and exciting announcement regarding the schedule and format of our signature advocacy events. We are excited to share that in 2025 we will host Language Advocacy Days in person in Washington, D.C. on March 3rd and 4th, followed by a virtual, single-issue-focused Advocacy Action Day to be scheduled in the fall. Registration for both of these events will be open to all language advocates.

We believe that having a paired format approach and offering two advocacy touchpoints throughout the year not only honors the desire for in-person opportunities and recognizes the need for equitable access, but also provides more opportunities for advocate engagement which is ultimately critical to advancing our collective mission. 

As the general election approaches this fall, the congressional calendar will be very challenging as many members head home to campaign. This will mean that scheduling groups of meetings will not be as feasible. It is important to us that all of our advocates have the most engagement possible with the offices of their members of Congress during our events to yield the best experiences and results for our work. For these reasons, we will not be hosting a fall 2024 advocacy event. 

Additionally, we have learned a great deal over the past few years about the ways that event format influences participation. Equitable access to advocacy opportunities is an extremely important guiding value as we plan our signature events. Our advocates represent every state and we want to be sure that each person has a way to participate and share their story. Our members and past-event attendees have shared invaluable feedback regarding our events, and have expressed a desire for both in-person and online experiences. As a result of our in-person fall 2023 and virtual spring 2024 set of events, we have seen firsthand the benefits and effectiveness of pairing both formats to ensure representation and provide networking opportunities.

At this time, this plan has only been approved for 2025 as a response to the circumstances surrounding the election. Decisions regarding future events will continue to be determined by the Board of Directors in consultation with staff based on the congressional climate and the needs of our advocates.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to our mission. We look forward to your participation in our upcoming events and to our continued collective advocacy. Together, our voices make a difference for language education!

With great appreciation,

Amanda Seewald

Executive Director, JNCL-NCLIS

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