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JNCL-NCLIS Statement on January 6th Violence at the Capitol


WASHINGTON, D.C., January 7, 2021 -- JNCL-NCLIS is appalled by the violence at our nation’s Capitol on January 6. Today we mourn the senseless loss of life and send support to all those who continue grappling with the trauma caused by this attack.

The work of our organization is dependent on our ability to freely interact with our representatives and communicate with their offices to effect change. Each year our advocates gather for Language Advocacy Day to exercise their First Amendment right to petition the government respectfully and with intention to unite diverse perspectives. As the leading national advocacy organization for the language education community, JNCL-NCLIS educates and empowers our advocates to uphold this democratic value by engaging in productive discourse in all meetings with congressional offices. It is essential that the Capitol and all congressional buildings be safe and secure for those working there and that Congress remain accessible to Americans who wish to exercise their right to present their views on government policy -- in a peaceful and orderly way, not through violence and intimidation.

Terrorism, hatred, and utter disregard for the sacred nature of our democratic government must not be tolerated. Steps must be taken to prevent another such tragic event and allow Congress to continue its work on behalf of the American people, without fear of further violence. We fully expect all those who incited or participated in these heinous acts--regardless of government position--to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

JNCL-NCLIS staff and advocates cherish the ongoing relationships that we have with congressional offices and we are appreciative of their tireless dedication to their work, which benefits us all as American citizens. With the confirmation of the presidential election results, we are eager to continue the work at hand with the Biden-Harris administration.


Established in 1972, the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL) and the National Council for Languages and International Studies (NCLIS) represent the Language Enterprise to the US government and business community. JNCL-NCLIS membership includes over 130 organizations, which employ more than 300,000 language professionals globally. Together, JNCL-NCLIS form an all-inclusive network and encompasses all areas of the language field: exchanges, research, technology, translation, interpretation, localization, publishing, testing and more. JNCL-NCLIS’ mission is to ensure that Americans have the opportunity to learn English and at least one other language.


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