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Discounted Registration for Virtual World Language Advocacy Days Event

Premier advocacy organization celebrates 40 years of association and advocacy, unites hundreds of advocates for virtual Congressional meetings.


WASHINGTON, D.C., October 21, 2020 -- In celebration of 40 years of association and advocacy, the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL) has extended discounted registration for its annual world language policy summit and networking event Virtual Language Advocacy Days 2021 to be held February 3-5, 2021.

During the three day advocacy event, language educators and professionals will unite for the unique opportunity to learn about the federal programs that impact the Language Enterprise, understand the role of advocacy in advancing collective policy priorities, and gain skills to become successful advocates for world languages.

Attendees will explore this year’s theme, Virtual Pathways to Legislative Impact, as they virtually engage with their Members of Congress during scheduled meetings to raise awareness of the critical issues affecting the Language Enterprise.

The networking portion of the event will include panels and breakout sessions with experienced advocates and representatives from Capitol Hill.

Virtual Language Advocacy Days 2021 is made possible by sponsors at ACTFL, Avant Assessment, National Council for Latin and Greek, Center for Applied Linguistics, Ad Astra, The National Network for Early Language Learning, The Language Group, Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, and American Translators Association.

Register for Virtual Language Advocacy Days 2021 today at


Established in 1972, the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL) and the National Council for Languages and International Studies (NCLIS) represent the Language Enterprise to the US government and business community. JNCL-NCLIS membership includes over 130 organizations, which employ more than 300,000 language professionals globally. Together, JNCL-NCLIS forms an all-inclusive network and encompasses all areas of the language field: education, exchanges, research, technology, translation, interpretation, localization, publishing, testing and more. JNCL-NCLIS’ mission is to ensure that Americans have the opportunity to learn English and at least one other language.



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