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Celebrating Multilingualism & Black History Month, The National Committee for Latin and Greek (NCLG)

This is a featured guest blog post from Virtual Language Advocacy Days 2023 sponsor, The National Committee for Latin and Greek (NCLG)

The National Committee for Latin and Greek

Welcomes You to LAD-23!

After 40 years of advocacy with JNCL-NCLIS

we remain dedicated to promoting

the value of second language education.

Today we reflect on the theme

“Building Opportunity Through Multilingualism.”

The value of a language is not determined by the number of speakers or their demographic. Languages are not owned by one culture or country. Each different speaker has the opportunity to make significant contributions and has important perspectives to share through the lens and medium of their language. All products of language can also be equally valued as an expression of self.

We agree that “Multilingualism is an asset.” Communication is a powerful tool that can help us transcend, even eliminate, major issues between countries and social classes, as well as help us realize new opportunities for growth in our lives.

In light of this, NCLG has not only advocated for a more historically and ethnically diverse canon of authors to be studied in schools, but in 2020 started creating DEI resources and writing articles for Latin and Greek teachers and students about the lived experiences and contributions of often overlooked African American scholars fluent in Latin and Greek, as well as other languages, and often significant in political, social, and religious movements.

As we look for more ways we can promote equity and support more inclusive Latin and Greek programs and curricula through our advocacy, we invite you to join us in this effort to teach the “whole” language, identify, explore, and address important equity issues, sponsor panels on these topics, offer related grants if possible, and create accessible DEI-oriented resources.

When you have time, please join us in asking colleagues to consider these questions….

  • Do you have world language DEI resources to share?

  • Does your website have space to lift up the untold stories of language educators and professionals of color?

  • Are there more ways to encourage teachers to share successful outreach to and support of students of color and those from underrepresented communities?

We all at NCLG look forward to advocating with you all in our Congressional meetings during LAD-23 and throughout the year!

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