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Classicists’ Centennial Commemorated in 2019 Congressional Record

WASHINGTON, DC — In the midst of National Classics Week, the American Classics League (ACL) scored a major victory on Thursday as Representative Warren Davidson (OH-8) read ACL’s congratulatory letter for its centennial into the Congressional record. The record is the official journal of the proceedings and debates in Congress as required by Article 1, Section 5 of the Constitution.

Representative Davidson read the letter, which celebrates the Latin and Greek community’s “historic milestone” in “supporting, and advancing the teaching and learning of Greek and Latin languages, literatures, and cultures” since 1919. It continues:

“It is clear that the American Classical League is guided by a strong vision to transform society one learner at a time, a manifestation of its motto, “Vestra causa, tota nostra est.” I am amazed by the work your community does every day; I encourage you and wish you well as you continue building more and more bridges from our past into our future during the American Classical League’s second century.”

“The members of the American Classics League are extremely proud and honored to be officially recognized in Congress during our 100th year as a community of classicists advancing our mission,” said Sherwin Little, Executive Director of ACL.

“Representative Davidson’s reading of our congratulatory letter into the Congressional record is indicative of our members’ persistent advocacy to promote Latin and Greek.”

This development comes after ACL’s lobby-day on Capitol Hill in January, organized by the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL). Classical Languages are represented on the JNCL Board by the National Committee on Latin and Greek (NCLG).

Advocates of the classics are encouraged to use ACL’s advocacy tool to contact their Representatives and Senators throughout National Classics Week.

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