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Take Action Now | ASAE’s Urgent Appeal to Congress for Emergency Aid

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

A message from ASAE

Dear ASAE Members and Advocates:

During this challenging time, ASAE is doing everything it can to help its members and association professionals nationwide continue their critical missions and navigate the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as safely as possible.

To that end, yesterday ASAE sent an urgent appeal to Congressional leaders to again advocate significant, emergency financial support to the association and nonprofit communities. ASAE specifically requests $25 billion in capital assistance for our sector, as many organizations and their missions are in jeopardy. ASAE also proposes a risk insurance program to mandate that businesses who demonstrate significant business interruption and sharp decline in present and future revenue would be insured in case of a possible pandemic or epidemic.

We encourage you to write your legislators with this urgent appeal to help ensure associations and nonprofits – as well as their employees and constituents – are secure throughout and beyond this crisis.

For resources and more information to help address the impact of COVID-19, visit ASAE’s website.

For questions or assistance, email ASAE’s policy staff at

Thank you for your strong support.

Susan Robertson, CAE President and CEO

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