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Member At-Large

President, Global Virginia, non-profit volunteer organization leading initiative to develop state-wide world language roadmap for Commonwealth of Virginia. Consultant to language service companies advising on language learning, application, and business development. Retired Senior Language Authority, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) senior executive level position. Former U. S Army Foreign Area Officer (FAO); Eurasia area of specialty with assignments to Office of POW and MIA Affairs, Moscow, Russia, Chief Liaison Officer, Russian Brigade, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Chief Student Liaison, George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

Senior representative at all Intelligence Community and Department of Defense senior-level foreign language, regional expertise venues, committees, and panels. Directed foreign language, regional expertise and culture knowledge programs: policy, programming, budgeting, full-spectrum training and testing, and integration of human language technologies. Developed comprehensive and customized language learning programs for workforce. Integrated and expanded regional expertise/area studies and intercultural competencies into the workforce to improve understanding of global issues affecting national and strategic policy. Senior-level participant to Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) and Department of Defense Speaking and Listening Skills Summits initiative to update, normalize, and recalibrate interpretations and understandings of ILR skill level descriptors and standards for speaking and listening assessments. ILR Intercultural Communications subcommittee member that developed the first ever skill level descriptions for Competence in Intercultural Communication.

Principled, disciplined and results oriented with over thirty years of intelligence community and military experience in leadership and management positions across the spectrum of foreign language, regional expertise and cultural knowledge competencies, and human language technologies. Extensive experience in strategic and short-term planning, program management, resource and personnel management, and federal contracting. Exemplary planning, communication, and budgetary skills with a successful history of producing transformational, practical, and goal-oriented results in a fiscally responsible environment. Fluency and operational experiences using German and Russian languages.

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