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Title II HEA FY21 Funding Request: Ask Congress to Support Teacher Quality Partnership Program

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Ask your Senators to increase funding for Title II of the Higher Education Act and support the Teacher Quality Partnership program

The Teacher Quality Partnership program, funded under Title II of the Higher Education Act, provides grant opportunities to Colleges of Education to partner with local school districts in order to train more K-12 teachers. Many of these competitive grants have gone to language teacher education programs.

In 2019, Congress increased the funding for Title II by $7m, appropriating $53m for Fiscal Year 2020. We are working with the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education to advocate for an increase for Fiscal Year 2021, and we’re asking you to send a message to your senators to support an increase.

JNCL-NCLIS has partnered with ACTFL's Legislative Action Center to bring you this action alert.

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