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Equitable. Representative. Diverse. 

That's our membership promise. 


JNCL-NCLIS unites a national network of leading organizations and businesses comprised of over 300,000 language professionals to advocate for equitable language learning opportunities.

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WHY become a member?

Capitol Hill

Your Voice On Capitol Hill

JNCL-NCLIS ensures your voice is heard when laws are made that affect the Language Enterprise. If you work in languages in any way, your organization or company should be a member. JNCL-NCLIS fosters ongoing dialogue with key stakeholders and officials about why languages matter for the 21st Century. Membership allows your voice to be included in collective advocacy and lobbying for language education policy. 

Join The Language Advocacy Network

JNCL’s members are reshaping the multilingual landscape of our nation. By joining, you help promote deeper intercultural understanding during a pivotal time in United States history. Create professional partnerships and life-long colleagues with like-minded people who feel passionately about the necessity of a more interconnected world with greater mutual understanding. Discover the added value that membership can bring your organization!

Exclusive Analysis Adds Value To Your Organization

We track down –then breakdown– the information coming out of Capitol Hill for you so that you can distribute timely policy updates to your members. Do you have a newsletter? A blog? An annual event, conferences or webinars? By becoming a member, you will receive legislative and policy updates tailored to engage your audience. And we can help spread your message! In today's fast-pace environment, membership with JNCL adds real value to your organization and members.

Your Membership

  • Unites all aspects of the entire language enterprise into one voice

  • Amplifies the voice of all language professionals on Capitol Hill

  • Empowers individuals to become champion advocates for languages

Membership Benefits

  • Tracking language-related legislation around the country and how it relates to you.

  • Access to JNCL-NCLIS staff expertise

  • Assistance with messaging for local advocacy initiatives

  • Broadcast of your local initiatives in the national network

  • Access to your legislators during our Language Advocacy Days

  • Participation in the prestigious JNCL-NCLIS awards program

  • Exclusive white papers, reports, analyses on federal & state policy


Membership application

Membrship Application

Membership FAQs

Membership FAQ

What is the Cost of Membership?

There are two types of membership categories with JNCL: Non-Profit and For Profit. 
To fulfill the promise of inclusivity and equity reflected in our mission and vision statement, you may choose either operation costs or membership/employee count to determine your membership level.  Membership dues are 501(c)3s are tax-deductible.

What Are Membership Dues For?

Membership dues allow the staff of JNCL to fulfill our mission of advocating on behalf of the Language Enterprise in Washington, DC and across the country: we raise awareness among members of Congress and the general public, build bipartisan coalitions, analyze federal and state language policies, and provide policy recommendations to our members. JNCL's day-to-day operational expenses are 100% dependent upon the generosity of our Sustaining Members and member organizations.

What Is The Term/Length Of Membership?

Membership renewals with JNCL follow an annual cycle. New members are accepted on a rolling basis following approval from the Executive Committee.

Are Dues Tax-Deductible?

Yes, membership dues to JNCL, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, are tax-deductible.


Invite JNCL-NCLIS to speak at your next conference or event! Clicking the links below will take you to a form to provide additional details about your request. 

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