Significant Contributor

​Dr. Davidson (Ph.D., Slavic Languages, Harvard University) is Senior Academic Advisor and President Emeritus of American Councils for International Education (Washington, D. C.) and Emeritus Professor of Russian and Second Language Acquisition, Myra T. Cooley Lectureship, Bryn Mawr College. He is author/editor of 24 books and 67 scholarly articles focused primarily on Russian, second language acquisition and international education development, including an on-going series of empirical studies of advanced-level acquisition of Arabic, Chinese and Russian languages/cultures within the overseas immersion context. His most recent study, “Transformative language learning in the overseas immersion environment: Mapping the relationship between language proficiency and intercultural development” will appear in Transformative Language Learning and Teaching, (eds. Leaver, Davidson and Campbell), Cambridge University Press, in 2020.

Davidson was named in 2015 to the Commission on Languages, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and is an elected foreign member of the Russian Academy of Education, the Ukrainian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, Vice-President of the International Association of Teachers of Russian (MAPRIAL), and past chair of the College Board World Languages Advisory Committee, the Joint National Committee for Languages, and the Alliance for International Education Exchange. Davidson is co-founder of the American Councils for International Education and served as US co-chair of the Soros Foundation Transformation of the Humanities and Social Sciences Programs in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, as well as on the working groups of the US-Russia and US-Polish Bilateral Presidential Commissions on Innovation/Higher Education.